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Once you are eager to read the reviews presented on our blog, you do not have to create an account or meet some other requirements. Casino Nix is an open source site, which provides all the texts and information publicly throughout the world. Every visitor of the site is able to observe the whole variety of the content, starting from the articles, up to the other services.

All the information is based on Microgaming software and the aspects connected with the company. However, we speak about all gambling houses and games, not pointing out some certain ones. That is why, besides the general points described, you should check the terms of the particular casino you choose to play at. The facilities may change rather often and at the moment of reading, the articles may not be renewed.

Herewith, our site does not bear liability for any sort of losses, errors, damages, mistakes, or other misunderstanding that may lie behind the published content. Every visitor and a potential casino member should admit that beyond the info presented, the real money gameplay includes a risk factor, which is unpredictable and unpreventable.

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Being a visitor of the site, you should understand that the current document can be altered. CasinoNix.com is entitled to implement any kind of changes at any point according to their own ideas and plans. No notification about the updates is sent, that is why, we ask you to look through the page once in a while and check what points are added, and which of them are removed. This may play a crucial role in your activity.

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We Want You to Be Responsible

Gambling is in the list of those activities, which can grow into a problem when taken in the wrong way. Those players who take protective measures, they can enjoy the pastime full of fun and games. Though, being in the risk group, you may undergo the harmful effect or get an addiction. For this very reason, we offer you to visit our page with Responsible Gambling. Here you can observe some helpful tips, which should be followed regardless of your gambling condition and situation.

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