New Microgaming Blackjack List

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This topic from the CasinoNix is obligatory for the “21” movie fans (released in 2008). Blackjack, counting and the smell of the money led the young guys to the huge winnings. Microgaming offers something similar with all its fantastic games. The history of those entertainments counts hundreds of the years and wide geography – from the China and India to the USA.

Although from the minute of its occurrence in online regime, it has become not complicated to study out the rules. The soft provider today pulls out of its hat – more fresh amusements, more profitable promos and simply wonderful time spending.

Blackjack Types – Pros & Cons

BJ takes one of the best places among the other card games in all online gambling houses. For free or for real cash – that is your alternative. The novices are lucky as they possess a shot to learn how it all operates using free practice mode – they examine the rules and the strategies before setting the genuine acting about. Here we want you to check all the peculiarities out – the pluses and minuses of this very chance-taking activity.

Microgaming Blackjack Play Casino Rules Overlook

Considering various 21 types – they all differ in the rules. That is why there are many sorts of the enjoyment. We are willing to familiarize you with all of them and maximally introduce what is worth playing. Do not hurry up – the kinds are multiple and a bit similar, so not to confuse, read carefully.

Double Exposure

Let us start from the Double Exposure. That is relatively a new variation in many online casinos. For this reason it is rather popular. The basic issue resides in the following fact: the stickman gives 2 cards for himself… And they both are exposed. Although, the awareness of the 2d one is very valuable for the thrill-seeker, the betting room doesn’t miss a possibility to get an advantage. The house edge of this very type is higher than in any other – 1.47%.

In this case, you need 6 standard decks (without the jokers). They are shuffled before each hand. The main target of the game – win the dealer, having got more points than he (not more than 21). The user loses each dead heat, the exception is blackjack. You can observe the exact regulations on the site of the casino.

Microgaming 21

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is an American variation with the additional stakes. You gotta take 5 conventional packs. Shuffling is the same as in the Double Exposure – before every hand. Here the gambler has to overcome the stickman. The dealer distributes 2 units – 1 is exposed. You can request a supplementary bet for getting the pair to the initial cards. There are 2 fields on the table for this kind of the entry: the one is for the perfect, and the other is for the returning. The following pairs can emerge:

  • 2 absolutely equal – both colors and suits (outpayment is 30:1);
  • 2 with the same colors and different suits (15:1);
  • 2 units with the same suits and diverse colors (5:1).

The main difficulty that can appear is the buttons – there are many of them and they occur only when the necessity to use them arises. There are the auto-bet and auto-strategy modes.

Double Attack

The ongoing sort is the Double Attack from Microgaming. For this entertainment you get to have 8 decks with 48 cards each (with no 10s). In the course, after the player has made the mise, initially only 1 is handed to the croupier. Then, the gambler has a chance to arrange the same double attack.

It implies to make the second bet that equals to the initial one in the attack field (there is, moreover, the possibility to deny it and act with only 1 entry). After that, the performance keeps going almost as in the usual BJ. We advise to bust against the dealer who has the values from 2 to 8. You can check the table of the payouts on the web page of the casino.

Spanish 21

Spanish blackjack is the next to investigate. As in the traditional variation, you should get more points than the stickman, but not more than 21. That is the basic rule. This type in very advantageous to the thrill-seekers. It requires 6-8 decks (each one includes 48 items). The user can win, even if he scores 21 points and reaches BJ combination and the croupier has the same outcome.

You can double each card amount, but not more than 4 – that is feasible also after the splitting. You can return the doubling stake, if you get the undesirable one. Some online gambling houses propose to try this game with 2 packs only.

Vegas Style

More common name of the Vegas Style is the 21st-Century BJ. It has been invented in California gaming houses just recently. It is a non-bust type. In case when the gambler reaches 21 scores or above, that is still conceivable to keep on acting. What is interesting here, the number of the thrill-seekers can come close to 8. Also, the fees are present in this entertainment – you get to pay 1%.



Blackjack Switch is an exotic kind of the classic one. The father of this variation is the professional bettor Karel Janecek. The target of the performance coincides with the traditional one. It requires 6 packs – each one contains 52 cards. The significant peculiarity is that here you constantly perform with 2 hands. The basic thing that attracts the player is the occurrence of the bonus gameSuper Match. Gathering the combination of 4 items (specified in the rules), the user gets additional money.

Blackjack Basic Strategies, Tips & Recommendations

During trying such a wonderful entertainment as BJ, the thrill-seeker has to be conscious of the statement that his gaming success is dependable not only upon the luck, but also upon the previously opted strategy. There are multiple plans for better acting, however, we want to specify the main tips and recommendations that will assist in getting more cash.

Signle- or Multi-Hand?

Before playing, you gotta see that it is feasible to gamble single- or multi-hand blackjack from Microgaming. The 1st variant is performed with merely 1 deck, while the 2d one involves 5, 6 or 8 packs with 52 cards each. Playing with the single deck you encounter the minimal house edge index (0.15%). That is the biggest plus of the kind. For the gamblers that is naturally more beneficial to try this one, as it is easier to count – in the case of the multi decks that turns to be complicated and more puzzling.

Hitting or Standing?

There are 2 options while gambling: stand or hit. The 1st one implicates that you agree to have more cards and the 2d – that you deny it. We suggest to investigate the table of the stickman values before starting to play. It includes the figures of your hand (vertically) and the dealer’s (horizontally). Having found those two characters, you can surf through the table and come across one of the letters – S or H. That is “Stand” or “Hit”. See then what you have to do. You can encounter this information on any relevant site.


When you deal with the pairs, you should know when to double and when to split in 2 fresh hands. Lots of the professionals suggest to split the aces, 8s and re-split them when the second pair emerges. Never ever do that with 10s, 4s and 5s. It demands to double the initial wager, so the money will be lost. You can also perform it with 2s, 3s or 7s in case the croupier exposes 7 or less. Do that with 6s, if the dealer indicates 2 through 6. Also, you can break the 9s through 6, 8 and 9 as well.