Responsible Gambling

Online gambling may become dangerous when not treated in the right way. Although is a site about virtual casinos and games, real money stakes and wins, we still want you to get it correctly. This page is created to help you avoid any kind of problems connected with gambling, reduce the stress, get a better attitude and understanding, control your budget and enjoy a better life.

We Recognize the Potential Problem

We are aware of the danger rate that may occur if something goes wrong. We also know that even some innocent things and habits can grow into more serious issues. It can be connected with tobacco, alcohol, food, shopping, and gambling. Being created for entertainment and fun, it can lead to addictions and problems. And to take measures at the right time, you are to identify the situation.

How to Define the Danger

In you want to notice something, you do. That is why, take it seriously and be honest when answering the points. No one but you can feel that your gambling pastime is no longer fun, instead, it involves more than supposed.

Risk Behavior

Please, view the points presented in the list and be objective when comparing the statements with your personal experience. In case the things match your situation, it means you might have a problem. Risk behavior includes the following intentions and actions:

  • Aiming to win money within the gameplay. Believing that you can get rich with the help of casino wins.
  • Spending more credits than it was planned in advance during one gaming session.
  • Getting annoyed when someone interrupts you within the session.
  • Believing you can win back the spent money.
  • Losing the notion of time, playing longer than planned.
  • Telling lies to your close friends and family concerning the gaming.
  • Playing until your balance is negative, even though you are tired or sleepy.
  • Thinking that you can influence on the game results.
  • Spending time either on thinking about the amusements, or enjoying them in real.
  • Hoping that increasing the stakes will influence on your mood.
  • Keeping in secret the amount you spend on gambling.
  • Gambling instead of communing with your relatives and friends.

Steps to Control the Problem

Sometimes, it is hard to recognize the danger, seeing only what you want to see. However, you are the only one to take protective measures and help yourself. Nothing will happen until you want so, that is why, you should understand that the consequences can be really crucial.


Being the only one to save your state of mind, view the points below and see what you can do in order to be on the safe side.

  • Do not feel ashamed because of the problem. This will only hold you back, not letting to solve it and move further. Get in touch with your local therapist, who will help you hold the emotions.
  • Check out the account settings of your online casino. There must be some limits aiding you to resist the seduction and escape from the potential problems, which may occur in the moment of infirmity.
  • Block your online banking methods in order not to form new accounts at other gambling houses, while your own one is disabled.
  • Analyze your behavior. Try to understand which emotion precedes your pastime. Is this happiness, sadness, boredom, or anything else making you gamble? Think of another activity to replace the risky one.

Please, mind that in case the above-mentioned statements don’t help, you should ask for some professional help. Such services as National Council of Problem Gambling, Gambling Anonymous, and others can show you the way out of this dangerous situation. The addiction should be treated, and you’d better trust experts in this case.