Privacy & Cookie Policy

This page includes the information about Privacy and Cookie Policy, which is provided by and is applicable to all visitors. Here, we describe which kind of information we require both for your participation and site usage, how we gather the intelligence, analyze, retain and use it.

The document is not constant, and we reserve the right to force some changes, add new rules and abolish old ones. The update of the page can be conducted any time, with no reason explained, as it can be at our personal discretion. Please, have in mind that we do not send notifications about the alterations and you are to check the policy on your own for more info.

Privacy Policy

Casino Nix blog is all about online gambling, especially connected with Microgaming company. The range of articles includes all the possible gaming branches that you can face within your pastime. These are casinos, bonuses, formats, games, jackpots, and more. All the reviews are published for the general usage, with no need to register an account.

Though, there may occur cases for you to enter your email address, name, age, or any other data. At that rate, we assure that every piece of intelligence available to us will be guarded and kept safe from misuses, damages or access. Along with that, we want to warn you that no one can protect your data from being stolen or hacked. That is why, create a complex password, do not share the info with anyone, including your friends and relatives.

How Long We Store the Data

As long as you are our member, we keep the shared points in our data base. However, if you decide to delete your account, you should know that all the intelligence will be removed instantly. Also, you can follow the link in our newsletters and unsubscribe if needed. That is when, the email is deleted from the list and you won’t get notifications anymore.

When We Share the Info

The single situation when we can share some pieces of your intelligence is when getting an international request from legal agents. Herewith, we examine every claim separately, prove the reliability of the regulatory bodies and only then send the required info. Please, get in touch with our operators once you have some questions.

Cookie Policy uses Cookies. You know about that from the moment you entered the site. We send you a notification at the entry, there you see that the option is activated and you can click ‘Agree’ to accept the situation. Cookies themselves are small info pieces, which got withdrawn by the site and kept on your browser.

All we do is harvest some intelligence of yours to get to know you better. Being technical, advertising, essential, and more, the points can include your IP address, location, language used, browser brand and version, device, and more. With the items collected, we analyze them and use the results for extending your experience and staying interesting for you.

Why We Use HTTP Cookies

The single aim why we use cookies is for improving the site, its content, texts, and more. One of the superior ways to recognize what kinds of articles you like most, which topics you need and why you are with us, is tracking your activity. By examining the time period you spend with one survey, we are able to draw some conclusions. What is more, as you enter the site, we see that you are a registered member and suggest your saved account username and password to fasten the access.

How To Disable the Option

As the feature is activated automatically, you have a way to disable it in case you want so. For this purpose, visit the section with Settings in your browser, and find the option to clear browsing data. There, you can deactivate the site data and delete the previously collected info. Still, we recommend to keep the cookies active for your benefits and simple site usage.